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Oracle Hour (online event)

Jan 11, 2020

7:00–8:00 PM MST

Unleash the power of our voices together :: Open the beauty of song within us :: All levels welcome.

Singing with Shaela (online event)

Sunday Jan 24, 2020

7:00–8:00 PM MST

Experience Shaela’s offering of song and channeling ::  receive the gift of the mystical. 

Carried by the Love of wanting to help people find more peace, happiness, joy, love, and harmony. Shaela Noella offers her music, singing sessions, song spirit healings and variety of workshops.

Intro to Singing Sessions & Song Spirit Healings

Blessings Before You Behind You and All Around You.
May These Offerings
Ripple Abundance of Blessings into Lives of Many:

WE Love You So Much

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