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Voice Activations and Song Circle at Double Rainbow Ranch

Saturday October 16th 7:30pm MST

I will be “special guesting” at the Double Rainbow Ranch’s Sound Circle.  The Evening will begin with a Voice Activation and some chanting by yours truly. Then the space will be open to creatively create a sound circle together, with options of leading or sharing some of your songs.   Check the Event Page.

 OR for More Information and Registration HERE

OCTOBER 22nd-24th/25th

Private Skill Share Gatherings with Max number of 15.
Donation Based and/or helping hands are welcome. 
We welcome people that want to deepen their connection with the land, plants, song and spirit.
The Gathering will be held outdoors, unfortunately no dog policy due to cats, chickens and other variables. Camping optional.
(Apply here to receive an invitation and more information:

What is the Medicine Weavers  all about?
A skill, craft, and knowledge sharing gathering. Weaving the medicine of song, herbal wisdom, and a deeper connection to our true essence through movement, ceremonial arts, and music. Camping and communing at the gorgeous, lush and green Mystic Mesa Ranch in Hotchkiss Colorado.


October 22nd-25th ~Theme Ancestors : Our Ceremonies will be based around healing for our Ancestors… and our herbal medicine making and skill shares also inspired by those that have walked before us…and our future generations.

Shaela Noella of Song Spirit Medicine, leads and organizes the gatherings: these gatherings are not associated with psychedelic plants but they do invoke the power of our connection to spirit, the earth and our own innate wisdom.

 People can bring their own food or join the Meal Share Program; where each person provides, or is part of making 1-3 of the meals, and receives all the meals prepared for the Meal Share Program.

October Camping in Colorado- Suggested that you are familiar with possible cold weather camping (zero degree or down sleeping bag are nice!). Car/Van camping are also options. OR ask us about possible rooms or our insulated tents for rent on the land.

If you would like a special invite to the private gathering or to ask more questions about it.
Email Shaela Noella at or fill out the google form (
Thank you.​​

Carried by the Love of wanting to help people find more peace, happiness, joy, love, and harmony. Shaela Noella offers her music, singing sessions, song spirit healings and variety of workshops.

Intro to Singing Sessions & Song Spirit Healings

Blessings Before You Behind You and All Around You.
May These Offerings
Ripple Abundance of Blessings into Lives of Many:

WE Love You So Much

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