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The Singing Series Happening!

This is a Series of 4 classes! People keep asking if they can still join, or join for a drop-in! Luckily we have a large space so people can. Some are signing up through Shaela with venmo or cash, contact her to RSVP if that's your preferred route: or 2095525402.

More on the event: This is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen and open your singing voice, no matter what level of a singer you are. Shaela Noella creates a safe space for all levels and types of singers, or non-singers, to find their comfort zone and joyful edges.

There are so many beautiful explorations and indescribable upliftment that can happen when we come together to sing in a group. Infact singing has been scientifically proven to raise immunity. It can also help boost confidence, joy, and clarity. One of life's natural wonders.

Shaela Noella has the natural ability to tune into the group or individuals to help release blockages around singing, and has lovely songs from a variety of cultures and positive intention to share with you.

What to expect? The Flow of class usually begins with warming up the voice gently, and "landing into class", which sometimes includes some simple body movement as well. Then will likely be followed by activities or exercises to help get more comfortable with our voices and each other. There is ALWAYS the option to opt out of an exercise in the moment, as Shaela wants to you to feel safe and free. Shaela will then lead us in songs, where magic happens when our voices unify, blend, layer, harmonize and more. If you're new to singing its okay to sing quiet, and if you are experienced and in tune it's welcomed to sing louder, and if you don't know where you are- you get to play with your comfort and choose where your edges are.


Shaela Noella Bio:

Shaela Noella carries the magic of laughter, song, nature flower essences, and the ability to communicate with the spirit world. Many of these gifts awakened in her on the Big Island of Hawaii, travels and tours through the Western States, Latin America, and working with Shamanas, Teachers, Mentors, Compassionate Benevolent Helping Spirits and Nature Spirits. She continues to seek and share wisdom to grow spiritually and live life fully. Shaela Noella’s ancestry is of the Pueblo, Apache, Spanish, German, Scottish, Irish and she believes that her life is a walking prayer of healing the energies of both the repressed and repressors in her ancestral line. Shaela Noella’s regular prayer or intent is to work in the highest good for all beings everywhere.

Shaela Noella has led various performance groups (Las Curanderas, Sister Winds Ensemble, and Sumati) and is founder of the Sister Winds Festival. She was born with an intuitive gift, and utilizes it to make herbal medicine and a variety of 1:1 sessions. She is a vocal coach: able to see into the body and energetics and perceive where blockages are, to offer solutions and guidance. She is also a medium and offers powerful healing sessions where she receives messages for an individual from their guides and allies.

Carried by the Love of wanting to help people find more peace, happiness, joy, love, and harmony. Shaela Noella offers her music, singing sessions, song spirit healings and variety of workshops.

Intro to Singing Sessions & Song Spirit Healings

Blessings Before You Behind You and All Around You.
May These Offerings
Ripple Abundance of Blessings into Lives of Many:

WE Love You So Much

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