An enriching retreat to honor our Wombs; combining various elements of vocal empowerment, indigenous wisdom, and holistic health practices. You will learn self-care principles for inviting good health to your womb, connect voice and womb through various exercises and songs, meet amazing indigenous healers, and receive treatments for your womb, body, mind & spirit.

So much goodness! Cultural Immersion + Mystic Choir + Sister Winds Guatemala aka Hermanas Del Viento.

Joining the Mystic Choir, and connecting with Maya Healers: weaving a narrative of holistic well-being, cultural immersion, and artistic expression.

Join us for for this special togetherness!

Our first Sister Winds Guatemala: Honoring the Indigenous Healers and Welcoming the MYSTIC CHOIR!

This online or in person workshop is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen and open your singing voice, no matter what level of a singer you are. Shaela Noella creates a safe space for all levels and types of singers, or non-singers, to find their comfort zone and joyful edges.

We began the in person Singing Course for Wombyn; or those that identify with having, or have had, a womb or womb-space- physically or energetically.
This is available to you online to do at your own pace (the in-person class is currently full).
A beautiful opportunity to connect more with your power centers as a woman: Voice and Womb, and the current between them.

That was such a sweet event, thank you to all that joined. The replay will be free for a limited time and then for sale.

Carried by the Love of wanting to help people find more peace, happiness, joy, love, and harmony.

Shaela Noella offers her music, singing sessions, song spirit healings and variety of workshops.

WE Love You So Much

Intro to Singing Sessions & Song Spirit Healings

Blessings Before You Behind You and All Around You.
May These Offerings
Ripple Abundance of Blessings into Lives of Many: