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14918836_1308562132496557_159673453130432894_oShaela Noella Roselena carries the magic of laughter, song, nature flower essences, and ability communicate with the spirit world. Many of these gifts awakened in her on the Big Island of Hawaii,  on her travels and tours thru the Western States and Latin America, and working with Siberian Shamanas. She continues to seek and share wisdom to grow spiritually and live life fully .

To understand more about who she is and what she offers….seek and you shall find…peering more into these links and sites:

She is now working on a developing Nature Flower Essences to support peoples healing and evolution with the subtle vibrations of Nature’s Wisdom.  Roselena Alchemy  is the original avenue she founded to share these essences, including the channeling of the 13 chakras and 13 charka essences.

Shaela Noella Roselena was born with the natural gift to talk with the spirit world; the nature spirits, spirit guides, angels and those that have passed. Thru time she has learned how to channel this gift to help others by offering readings, sessions, and creating custom blend nature essences.

Shaela Noella is also the founder Sister Winds Festival, a Family Festival that promotes Female Performing Artists, and Gives to Global Causes; projects focused on Sustainable Water and Food Supply for Human Existence.

Oh-la-la Shaela Noella is one busy woman but would love to record more music!!   She welcomes you to check her Music on-line…. and there on that site…. you can download for free ….or pick your price and donate abundantly to help manifest the project of recording more music.


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