Ceremonies might be over looked in our modern day time but are important passages to nourish our soul and spirit, to acknowledge a special time or invoke something important for us. Ceremonies also help integrate challenging situations and empower one’s desires.

12622349_10153560908196492_4936733483965947090_oShaela Noella designs Ceremonies for people’s individuals intentions and desires by communing with them, intuition and guides. If you have an idea she will work with you to elevate and support your dream.  She naturally holds space and leads ceremony with  joy, and grace while intuitively tuning into the group, or individual person, to offer what is most helpful, loving, transformative, or whatever their intentions are.

Thus far the Ceremonies she has designed or Channeled are:

~ Blessings Ways, aka “Baby Showers”,  the name “Blessing Way” comes from Native American Traditions to Bless the Way of the Child Coming into the world.  Some of the things Shaela Noella has offered in The Blessing Ways are song, sharings, playful activities, powerful rituals, art, massage, dancing, delightful and nourishing foods and more. Shaela will converse and commune with the Mama, hear what she envisions, offers ideas and together come up with the perfect Blessing Way for her and her baby.

~ Solar Return Birthday Celebration ~ Shaela Noella can plan a super special birthday for you, and her specialty is also everything-nothing-cakes- meaning gluten free, and possibly dairy-free, and sugar-free…however you like it! – Made with Prayers! She can intuit and or co-create ritual for you if you like.


~ Medicine of the Heart Fire Ceremonies ~ intuitively designed for what the group or person needs, but the key elements are FIRE, and the Medicine of our Hearts!

Dance Ceremonies~ Shaela Noella is initiated by Ladamira, a Shamaness from Siberia, to lead people in a Dance form that helps cleanse the body, mind, and spirit thru free form movement with lead guidance on where to focus your intentions. It is a powerful practice known to bring happiness and deeper purpose to life goals, it that can also be molded for specific topics, a person or group.

~ Rites of Passage~ Any mark in your life, or loved ones life, that signifies a transition from one phase of your life to the next, for example from young girl to maiden or from mother/women to Crone/Elder. Shaela Noella would love to help honor this, in a way that is nourishing and significant for you.

Honoring Death and Dying/Funerals/Celebrations of Life ~ Rituals or Ceremonies to honor death of any kind. If a loved one has passed Shaela Noella is dedicated to helping that spirit transition, as well as supporting their family and friends on this earth plane emotionally and spiritually.  A Celebration of their Life is a wonderful way to help and support both the living and deceased in the great time of transition.


~ Water Ceremonies~ Honoring of the Waters, and

Blesssings of the Water. Water is Life <3

Other Possible topics:  Birth Doula, Honoring Our Voices, Honoring Your voice, Stepping into Your Power, Honoring your Ancestors, Healing Ancestral Lineages, Honoring Femininity, Healing Feminine Wounds, Connecting with Nature, and ….you name it 😉 !


Energy Exchanges for these Ceremonies Vary… please inquire.