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 Shaela Noella has a deep connection with the nature flower essences she creates, and can use the essences as medium to give detailed intuitive readings, which can include a Custom Blend Remedy. She also offers Spirit Communication Readings which have helped people with so many aspects of their lives: relationships, life direction, business, health, spirituality and little tips that make like more easeful and joyful .



Custom Blend Remedies

Shaela Noella has been making people Intuitive Nature Flower Essence  Custom blends since 2006, when she found this natural gift in Hawaii. She uses the Nature Flower Essences that she has made with the elements, and sometimes uses other lines of essences. The information she receives as she is making these blends is quite phenomenal; it is truly amazing  how she can help people by tapping into what they need from the Nature Flower Essence World.  She creates all blends proclaiming the pure intention of “the highest good for all beings everywhere”. Generally the cost of one of these Custom Blends  is $50-$80 including a reading. To inquire more please contact her thru the Contact Page.


Spirit Communication Readings

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