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Shaela Noella creates Nature Flower Essences all over from Hawaii to Colorado, currently her site for this is 


Her Specialty is making Intuitive Custom Nature Flower Essence  . It is a natural gift she found in Hawaii; she is able to see how different essences work specifically with different people. The information she receives as she is making these blends is quite phenomenal.  She creates all blends proclaiming the pure intention of “the highest good for all beings everywhere”. Generally the cost of one of these Custom Blends is $50-$80 including a reading. She has discounted rates in public group settings like fairs, festivals, or nature flower essence tea parties unless you find her in a group setting; fair, festival or tea party. You can host flower essence tea party with your friends and receive the gift of a personal custom blend and/or essences. To inquire more please contact her thru the Contact Page.

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