Tutu Pele!! Pele Ma Ma Ma!

10702022_10152765494354665_2798596978917392096_n-1This Chant running thru my head : “Tutu Pele, Pele Ma! Tutu Pele Pele Ma! Pele Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma MA Pele Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma MA”

this chant and melody came to me on the Big Island choreographed with movement, and we the “Mermaid Minstrels”  use to perform it as an Ode to Pele.

YES! Feeling so blessed to return to one of my homes, where Tutu Pele cradles me as I birth and re-birth, bowing to this wild Goddess!

We will be showing our reverence by chanting it to her once again <3 Jan 21 at the Mana Festival! ( www.manafestival.org)

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