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Healing Dance Ceremony aka Shamanic Happy Dance:

This is a Free Form Dance movement with Guidance on intentions and where to focus your thoughts and movement to receive the most healing and transformation thru the wonderful medicine of Dance! Led by Shaela Noella she was initiated to share these healing dance techniques by some  wonderful Siberian Shamanas.

She has led these workshops with different themes to invoke more happiness, to connect with more freedom and release blockages, and for women- connecting deeper with the power of the womb and the power of being a woman. (Title can change to adapt workshop to specific intentions and location)



Bhakti Shakti of Singing:

This workshop is designed to help you feel more empowered with your Singing Voice by learning techniques on how to embody sound in connection with your body and spirit.  Led by Shaela Noella, songstress and healer.


Connecting the Heart and Voice
A ceremonial workshop to help all tender and bold hearts open their voice, song and expression.
Shaela Noella will offer exercises to clear blockages with the voice, connect us as a group, and hold a ceremony to step into your power, and/or be held in your vulnerability.  Sweet, powerful healing goodness. ♥



Creation and Magic of Nature Flower Essences:

In this workshop we will learn about the healing powers of Nature Flower Essences, experience their healing qualities and create an essence together in communication with Nature and Nature Spirits.




13 Chakra Activation:

13 Chakras? What? I thought there were 7?! So did Shaela Noella until she got a download from the Hawaiian Nature Spirits about the 13 energy centers. On the Big Island of Hawaii she channeled a set of 13 chakra essences to support human’s connection with the earth cosmos themselves and each other. In this workshop we will be opened with awareness about subtle energies in our body through the 13 chakra activation of experiencing these essences and their wisdom. Shaela Noella has led this workshop all over the west coast in many different settings from festivals to yoga studios and is happy to share this Fun Wisdom with You! more info on her 13 Chakra essences at


Wee Wombyn:

Dance, breathing exercises and sharings to connect women more deeply with their innate powers of the womb and being a woman. This workshop is also designed to bring women together to build sisterhood, strength, and nurturing energy for enhancing our lives in a good way. (Women that have had hysterectomies also very welcome to come).


Heart Medicine Fire Ceremony:

With the power of breath, presence, the fire, song and flower nature essences Shaela Noella offers a Heart Medicine Fire Ceremony, to cleanse the heart of blockages, and to honor and ignite our true hearts desires. The wisdom Shaela Noella carries is cradled by her ancestral Pueblo and Apache lineage and enriched from studies of cultures such as the ancient Hawaiians and Siberian Shamanism. Her communion with Nature Spirits and Spirit Guides has opened up for her an incredible resource of co-creating nature flower essences of all sorts to help people heal, grow and evolve. It is a great honor for her to lead and share her joy of ceremony with you.  (More info on Ceremonies Here)


Breath of Power:

Do you feel like you need more spiritual protection? Or Empowerment to live your dreams or be yourself? In this workshop Shaela Noella will be sharing with us shamanic breathing exercises and movements to embody more of your Spirit, to create more spiritual protection, clarity, empowerment, and energy.  These simple yet profound exercises come from an ancient lineage of Siberian Shamanism.

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